The system SVP Downlink aircraft has been optimized for use in many types of applications, such as operations, fire fighting, missions, aerial surveillance, etc
This solution provides the user with an excellent quality of digital transmission of full hd video in real-time.

The use of the digital modulation DVB-T2 ensures a secure connection, stable and of the highest quality. The transmission of the images is free of errors allowing the contents transmitted will not degrade and maintain the excellent quality.

To use compression, HEVC and encryption BISS-1, BISS-E, AES-128 and AES-256, it makes the system SVP Downlink it is very robust and reliable, with links to over 200 km in line of sight (LOS, Line-of-Sigth) using in aircraft, omni-directional antennas with 10 Watts of power without the need of a system of autrotracking. In addition to the video signal can transmit data and audio simultaneously.
Main features

• Transmitter high power in different frequency bands.
• Compression HEVC (FullHD)
• Encrypted AES-128 and AES-256
• Maximum quality - FullHD
• Minimum latency
? • More than 200km LOS (Line Of Sight)
• Autotracking
• Metadata KLV software of missions
• Transmission of aircraft-to-aircraft
• Transmission to multiple recipients
Transmission system
System of Terrestrial Reception
Link: greater than 200Km (THE)
Reception system Portable
Link: greater than 70Km (THE)