Searchlight giroestabilizado fully controllable made with LED technology for high performance.

This model was conceived as a low cost and lightweight searchlight.
Perfect for surveillance and air support missions in the persecutions of the night, for hover / taxi on ramps full of people, approaches to obstacles that are not illuminated and / or take on rugged terrain.

The model SLT-320 allows it to be controlled with a single hand for an ergonomic joystick, and robust.
Main features

• Giroestabilizado (High precision)
• Turn continuous 360 ° (Az)
• Elevation 0-90º
• High rotational speed (up to 90 ° /sec)
• Slave mode (with camera)
• LED technology high-performance
• FOV Hyperspot (Optional Flood or Spot)
• Ergonomic Joystick (single hand)
• 320W Power LED
• Weight: • Height: 25cm
• Laser pointer (optional)
Hyperspot / Spot / Flood