He POA System (Aerial Observation Pod) It is composed of a turbo-stabilized multi-sensor turret FV300 integrated in a supporting structure with a 14 ”STD-NATO clamping system. The system is operated remotely and wirelessly from the passenger seat.

The battery module allows autonomous operation without the need to be powered by the aircraft.

The electro-optical capacity granted by the POA System makes the aircraft an optimal platform for developing ISTAR missions (Intelligence, Surveillance, Purchase of Objectives and Recognition).
Main features

• Wireless
• Full-HD Camera with Continuous Optical Zoom (30x)
• Full-HD Spotter camera
• Auto Tracking
• Tx Video 200km (LOS)
• PIP (Picture in Picture)
• Exportable product “NO-ITAR”
• Digital contrast image enhancement
• Laser pointer
• Active stabilization on 4 axes
(Fiber optic gyros)
• 6-axis integrated passive isolation
• Light weight 17Kg (37.5lb)
• IR “Large Format” (640 x 512px)
• Laser rangefinder (0.3 - 10.0 Km NATO)
(Detection, Recognition, Identification) - [Man Target: 1.8mx 0.5m / Detection: VPoT 4 / Recognition: VPoT 14 / Identification: VPoT 30]