The FixView-FV300 multi sensor surveillance system presents the most advanced technology today. FV300 defines new standards on high performance airborne compact, ITAR-free stabilized imaging systems.
The FV300 gyro-stabilized system defines the new standards in “ITAR-free” high performance aerial compact systems.

For Intelligence, Surveillance and Acquisition of Targets (ISTAR), Border Control, Air Support in Search and Rescue operations, Law Enforcement, Assistance in Early Warning of Natural Disasters, Traffic Monitoring, Assistance in Fire Management Operations, Control of Poaching, Aerial Survey.

Compliance MIL-STD-810F and RTCA DO-160

Main features

Full-HD 90x optical continuous zoom camera
• Auto Tracking
• Automatic white tracking
• PIP (Picture in Picture)
• Exportable product “NO-ITAR”
• Digital contrast image enhancement
• Laser pointer
• 4-axis active stabilization (fiber optic gyros)
• 6-axis integrated passive isolation
• Light weight 17Kg (37.5lb)
• IR “Large Format” (640 x 512px)
• Laser rangefinder (0.3 - 10.0 Km NATO)
(Detection, Recognition, Identification) - [Man Target: 1.8mx 0.5m / Detection: VPoT 4 / Recognition: VPoT 14 / Identification: VPoT 30]
    Day / Night Optical Sensor
  • DETECTION: 35000m100%
  • RECOGNITION: 16000m30%
  • ID: 8520m15%
    IR sensor (Thermal)
  • DETECTION: 8204m100%
  • RECOGNITION: 2051m30%
  • ID: 1282m15%