Draft FV-SAR
Final prototype in 12.7mm caliber: Video auto-tracking, stabilized shooting capacity both in static and moving conditions, against fixed and moving targets; electro-optical head with internal stabilization, an aspect that differentiates it from the products of other suppliers and would represent a great advantage for obtaining images while moving and while shooting the weapon and shooting computer, which corrects the angle of the weapon in both axes depending on the distance to the target and the inclination of the vehicle.

Mechanically decouple the elevation axis of the weapon with the elevation axis of the electro-optical head, using independent motors, in this way in urban environments, for example, the weapon can be oriented upwards in a passive position for patrol without losing the surveillance and recognition capacity. .
Main features

• Stabilized shooting in motion
• Fixed and moving targets
• Automatic white tracking
• Automatic correction (White distance)
• Movement in azimuth: 360º continuous
• Dynamic sight stability: 2mrad
• Non-invasive installation
• Weight of the turret (does not include weapon or ammunition): less than 100kg
EO HD sensor:
- 1/3 ”CCD 1280 x 720p
- Removable IR filter: day / night capacity
- Sensitivity 0.5 Lux
- ZOOM: 30x optical
- FOV: wide 60º / narrow 2º

IR sensor:
- MWIR 640 x 480
- ZOOM: 20x optical
- FOV: wide 30º / narrow 2º

IR sensor:
- 5 km (+/- 1 m)