One of the methods used to prevent the fire from getting out of control is the controlled burning to reduce fuel from the ground.

Create a firewall allows you to not only control fire, but also controls the column of smoke (which is vertical, rather than horizontal) allowing the fire to continue safely in the air and on the ground around the fire.

This method requires a reliable means to light fires in areas potentially remote; the Helitorch FV-HTC-01 meets this need.
Main features

• Completely controlled by the pilot
• Security and control System: fail-safe circuit from the ignition and fuel.
• Filler: Cover only fast filling with relief valves.
• Tank one-piece aluminum with vent valve and inspection windows.
• Electric pump with electronic control of flow rate (Soft-start)
• Does not require mechanical installation in aircraft, used hook external load
• Easy transport & storage (Folding)